Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Dresses at the Placer County Museum

 Three Flapper dresses from the Fashioning a New Identity exhibit returned to our collections facility for a well deserved rest. Since heavy beading and exposure to light can damage the fibers and most of the time the damage is irreversible, they were replaced with three other great dresses from our collection. The first is a dress that was worn by Margaret Michael Saladana to her graduation from the College of the Pacific (today University of the Pacific) in 1924. It’s a nice example of a net lace lingerie dress. Michael and Saladana families were pioneers of Newcastle. The second is a silk dress from the same collection that dates to around 1925. The third is a satin dress from the J. M. Hanlin Collection circa 1928.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almond Knocker - date unknown

This almond knocker was used for harvesting almonds. The harvester would place a tarp or blanket under the tree which would catch the falling almonds after the branches were hit or “thrashed” by the almond knocker. Today large orchards do their tree shaking by machine.

Leona, Placer County Collections Management Volunteer, with an almond knocker donated by Francis and Maurine Dobbas in 1985.