Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Milk Bottles from Auburn Dairies

       Donated with a collection of ephemera by Colleen Webber Nicholas, these milk bottles are from Auburn, CA Dairies. The items were owned by her mother, Marguerite E. Correa Webber of Newcastle, who was born in Newcastle and resided there for 79 years. Her grandfather was a pioneer orchardist in Newcastle.

The first bottle is from the Valley Sanitary Dairy.


 Below is an ad for the Valley Sanitary Dairy which includes a rare two-digit phone number.

 Below are two photos of a bottle from the Thomas Dairy, which has a rare three-digit phone number.

The back side of the bottle has some great copy about how modern and wise it is to buy milk in glass bottles.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Doodlebug Spe-Da-Way

We just received a new donation to our collection in the form of a three wheel ride-on pump mobile, the Doodlebug Spe-Da-Way.

It's made of pressed steel and cast iron by Beckley-Ralston Co. of Chicago, Ill.  It was donated and used by Joann Joye and her sister Billi Cline who lived on Terrace Street in Auburn in a house their parents built in 1940.  The sisters received the toy in 1945. 


If your spring cleaning turns up something that might be great in our museum collection give Kasia, our curator of collections, a call at 530-889-7705.